I am all for shooting the shit when it comes to creating ideas. Making a whiteboard seem black due to all the writing, and random drawings, of thoughts or using a whole accordions of post-it notes to create a rainbow of ideas. BUT we have all been at the situation when we hear an idea from a teammate or even from our own mouths and thought...merp. The idea was either good or bad, it was just flat. To make these moments more awkward the person has no idea. 

Dry Chicken is a term I coined for these moments. Dry chicken are those ideas, with no juice, no flavor, the ideas that make you want to pack your shit up and end the meeting. Most people settle for dry chicken which results in mediocre campaigns and lackluster branding. Dry chicken can happen to the best creatives just like it can happen to talented cooks. Dry chicken, the food and idea, have these common similarities:  




Dry chicken can be served with some amazing sides. I am talking about grandmas mac and cheese, collard greens, and cornbread. Dry chicken ideas can be masked with show-stopping presenters and beautiful decks, but do not be fooled, because dry chicken is still on your plate.



Everyone knows what dry chicken is. They have experienced it before therefore there really isn't a need to explain it.  The term is a deterrent. It's not offensive, it simply is what it is and people understand that. 



In order to make dry chicken ( the food ) bearable, you have to deconstruct it. Shred it up and make it into chicken salad or throw it in a crockpot with some sauce. Like both the idea and the food there is hope. 

dry chicken - adjective | [drahy] [chik-uh n]

 can also apply to places, people, and other things

"That party was dry chicken but the food was good."
"The project was good but the presentation was dry chicken."
"Carol from accounting is dry chicken." (I know that may seem mean, but we have all met that person.) 

I have learned the power of the term and now continue to spread its gospel. I am on a mission to combat dry chicken and devote myself as a sauce provider to the creative world. 




Sauce has a few different interpretations but for the sake of this long metaphor, sauce is simply your personal authentic style. Your special approach or process to what you add to your ideas. It is particular to who you are like a signature. Nobody has the same sauce.



These two videos further explain sauce. 

Clip 1: Brother Gucci Mane in a classic interview with Noisey Raps 

Clip 2: Educated and wise young man explaining what makes sauce..sauce




I have worked my whole life developing the creative sauce I bring to my teams and ideas. My sauce is a special mix, with eccentric notes, a blend of secret spices, with a hint of zest, or finesse . Whether it is through the energy or passion I bring to my teams and project, keeping my sauce in my bag is always necessary.