Brand Strategist

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A S K //

Show how Spotify will use its differentiation stance as a discovery brand to lead culture.

Before diving into the project the 1st step was breaking down the ask. Knowing Spotify may not be able to lead culture over night, how can they be more ingrained in culture. 


W H A T  W E  L E A R N E D //

Collective experiences build culture. 

What is at the core of genre, artist, and music platforms are the people, the fans. Although most maybe listening to music alone the collective experience is what makes the overall music culture. 

Music is living and breathing.
                                                                             "..what makes music special, which is it’s fucking real, and it breathes, and it moves. It doesn’t sit in a fucking list waiting to be handpicked by a computer. " - Zane Lowe

Discovery brands provide an experience.

Discovery brands such as Airbnb and Carmax bring a level of authenticity and real-life experiences. Engaging the consumer in more than just one way.  

P R O B L E M //


O P P O R T U N I T Y //

Leverage Spotify's big data. Humanize the enormous amount of data Spotify collects and give it a personal touch to connect with the users.

I N S I G H T //

The biggest influence on users is not the music in their pocket but the world that they live in.


O B J E C T I V E S //



Make a digital experience more physical. Because music is living and breathing we wanted to create something that seems tangible. 

Change an individual experience feel more collective, being part of culture is about being a part of a tribe. Without making another social app we want to create a feature that adds a sense of community.

Create something that is more than a fleeting tactic but a sustainable development in their programing. Create something for Spotify users to continuously use and can grow over time.


S T R A T E G Y //


C R E A T I V E   C O N C E P T

H O W  W E  D I D  I T //

Leverage Spotify’s user data to organically populate location-based playlists, based on listening frequency and patterns of users in that proximity.

W H A T  W E  D I D // 

Give locations and landmarks an organic musical personality derived from the people  around it.





Included out of home ads targeted in cities.

C A S E  S T U D Y  V I D E O

W H Y  T H I S  W I L L  W O R K //

  1. Potential for earned media, discussion of the new app.

  2. Can be extended to more media sources, that people can engage with ie video.   

  3. Gives users another way to interact with the app. Allowing them to stay on the app longer, which is important to Spotify.