Daft Punk Love Affair

Music has always played a major part in my life. Many people say that but let me emphasize it by saying music is what keeps my blood pumping. It's my Life Alert when I’ve fallen and can’t get up. I may not be able to remember what happened yesterday, but I vividly recall my first moments falling in love with a sound when I was younger. Whether it was the orchestral masterpieces of John Williams or the haunting hypnotizing harmonies of many bands in the 60s, those memories don't fade. Being blessed with three older siblings and hardcore Baby Boomer parents, I found myself discovering a range of music.


In 2001, my siblings and I were huddled in front of the TV for Toonami's Midnight Run. It was a special that aired Daft Punk’s first four music videos from their Discovery album, One More Time, Aerodynamic, Digital Love, and Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. (As well as videos from Kenna and the Gorillaz.) Toonami's Midnight Run was a night where music and animation came together. And for a few black kids whose life rotated around music and anime, this was big. Overall it was a great night for music and was the 1st time Daft Punk blessed my ears. After that night we quickly ransacked all the FYEs and CD stores till we found the album to finish listening to the rest of the album.

Shoutout to moms for letting us stay up, you da real MVP

Discovery blended sounds that were familiar like funk and pop and foreign like techno and rock. As a child, I don't think my ears knew what was going on but they liked it. Each song tugged, if not yacked, on emotional heartstrings, tapping into known feelings while uncovering more complex indescribable ones. The songs individually can hold their own but together take you through a journey of sound with a futuristic vibe.

The thumping bass lines hit your core, keeping you grounded while your spirit is elevated through guitar riffs and other instrumental breakdowns. Most of the songs work on a repetitive loop that lead you to a moment clarity when they break from it, then ascending to the end. The auto-tuned vocals made you feel as if you were in another dimension, witnessing the future of music.

Bomb ass tracks PLUS A WHOLE FILM!

Before people lost their shit over Beyonce doing a visual album (no shade, I love me some Lemonade), there was Interstellar 5555, The 5tory of the 5sercet 5tar 5ystem. Shit just went to another level, anime, music, AND space! If you have not seen this masterpiece, YOU HAVE NOT LIVED. Daft Punk teamed up with Leiji Matsumoto to create a beautifully animated film. As each song played you entered a new chapter in the story of the album, the plot thickening every passing moment the result, a heart-wrenching tale of love, despair, and adventure. The music already told a story but this brought it to life and was everything a story should be, filled with wonder and imagination.

Yes the film is great but the music is Discovery is its best asset.

Of course, the discussion of the best album ever is subjective. Although I strongly believe it has to meet certain criteria along with not minding listening to it whenever, wherever! It has to be able to transport you somewhere and spark a special warm and fuzzy feeling in your spirit. Discovery is my favorite album of all time not only because of the music but the connection I have between it and my family. Even my nephew, who since he was a baby has found comfort and joy in Discovery, and pretty all of Daft Punk's discography. Watching him see Interstellar 5555 for the 1st time had me in tears, I was instantly brought back to the memories I had as a child that I shared with my siblings.

Discovery is a classic. It ushered in a new era for tencho and pushed the genre forward and expanded it. It opened my mind and ears to embrace different genres and served as a gateway for my love for rock and and dance music. I will rock out to Discovery till the day I die, and will make sure One More Time is playing when they put me 6 feet under.

Katelen Thomas