When I was 8 years old I won my 1st pitch. I gave a powerpoint presentation to my parents as to why we should download Limewire. I installed it, proceeded to download a couple of thousand songs, and then my computer crashed. The love affair did not last long. 

Around that time I was hooked on every music episode of VH1's The Greatest. The music episodes showed you the top songs of different music genres and decades. The top 100 of the 80s, 90s, top 40 Greatest Metal Songs, Top 100 Hip Hop songs - the list goes on. Iā€™d spend hours watching and writing each song then runner over to the (new) computer to look them up.

I started playing the cello because of gems John Williams' created for Star Wars. 

Grew locs to fulfill my dream of shaking them in Knock if You Buck and also to properly flip my hair during a rock session. 

And was the designated DJ at college parties because I was the only person who paid for Spotify premium.

These random facts are just a few examples of how music has impacted my life as a catalyst for exploration and understanding in culture and myself.

Sound & Such is my space to keep exploring, remembering, and paying my respects to the magic that is music.