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Is it possible for a “sleep brand” to become a lifestyle brand? Also what is a sleep brand....



In the past 4 years since Caspers inception, the bed in a box industry has grown exponentially. With an estimated 100 different brands now in the category, the competitive landscape is now brutal. 


Casper’s unique selling proposition of being a "sleep brand" is getting lost through all the other mattress brands' communications. 



Casper can do for sleep what Nike did for sports.”     Luke Sherwin Casper Co-founder


Casper believes that better sleep is a foundation of a great life. Focusing on benefit over feature, Casper sees itself not as simple mattress brand, but a sleep brand.


As the product ecosystem continues to grow outside of mattresses the brand is striving to become even more of a lifestyle brand. 


*Fun fact: Casper is not named after the friendly ghost. 



Going in to research I focused in 3 key questions,

(1)What makes up a lifestyle brand?

(2) How does a sleep brand differ in the category?

(3) What is going on with sleep in culture and how do people view sleep in their life?

Below is a summary of my findings. Research methodologies included 22 personal interviews, 2 store visits for product testing, secondary research, social listening, Simmons, and a conducted survey.


Lifestyle Brands...

Nike has the athlete, Apple the creative, and Red Bull the thrill seeker; one of the major things lifestyle brands do is "embody the interest, attitudes, and options of a group or culture." 


By identifying a core consumer that stands for the brand they also capture consumers who aspire to embody the spirit of the brand. 


"Lifestyle brands foster these communities by inspiring, guiding, and motivating people."


Many brands use the same terminology and imagery in communication across platforms. When asked during interviews "what are the differences between the different brands?” the majority of the interviewees had no clue.

Top brands try to leverage their core competencies when communicating with consumers. However, product and logistics are the primary focus which does not set them apart enough in the eyes of the consumer.

Mattresses are an investment since most people shop for them once every 5-10 years. People will spend 1/3 of their life sleeping so the buying a mattress is truly an "intimate purchase."


Sleep in Culture... 

In recent years people are starting to pay greater attention to the benefits of sleep and its role in their over all health and life, however there is currently what news channels have described as "Sleep Crisis" in America. Why is that? Because even though most people understand the importance of sleep it is not high on their priority list.  

In theory sleep is something that should be simple, yet for many it's not. A good night’s rest can seem more of a dream than a reality.

Most people see sleep as a chore but in fact it's a relationship. With so much information out there it's all about figuring out what works best for you.

When asked in the survey "how would you describe your relationship with sleep" the responses showed that most people love sleep but feel as it is not a stable relationship. 


Through the research I identified two audiences. The two share a few common interest and attitudes, but are at different stages in their life. 

They are passionate, optimistic people that live an active lifestyle. They look to get the most out of life by traveling, exploring their hobbies, hanging out with friends, and spending time on personal development both mentally and physically. For the most part they have some sort of routine during their day. And lastly, they love sleep but are on different parts of their sleep journey. 


People settle when it comes to sleep.

Simply because they do not know where to start to enhance it. They tend to forget how much they love it until asked. 


Play into the emotional aspects of sleep.

Reintroduce sleep to culture and be an authority on sleep.


Casper: Rekindling society’s relationship with sleep.

      Rekindling-  “to excite, stir up, or rouse anewefforts to rekindle their romance;”



A new campaign set forth by Casper to amplify their mission of being a sleep brand. "An Ode To Sleep" celebrates the love we have for sleep and is a reminder to take some time to care more about the sleep you deserve. This campaign moves away from relying on reviews as content and producing more user generated content to help promote a new community.