Who Am I?!

The 1st time someone called me weird I was in 3rd grade walking down the hall wearing a silver puffy vest because I wanted to be like Zenon. 

At first I was confused but then I realized being weird was the best!


Hi, I'm KP !

Thinker of all things random and relevant. Since I was a little one I have enjoyed telling stories and making people laugh.

The words weird or eccentric are often used to describe me. Simply because I do not fit in any defined box. 



Here are some random and relevant facts about me......

I have been doing pitches since I was a kid. I made powerpoint presentations on topics such as downloading Limewire, my parents bought the pitch, the computer then crashed shortly after. 


I nerd out for a few things. Star Wars, Cowboy Bebop, Game of Thrones, and NASCAR.


I am a people person. I worked at a bank as a teller where I met almost every type of person there is. The work was boring but the people made it fun. 


Being on the SNL cast is my dream job. Grew up in a household of performers so being able to express myself was never a problem. 


I learned the power of branding in the early 2000's during the Apple Bottom, Baby Phat craze.